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I’m often asked this question: “Is your nutritional system just for fat people?” And the answer to that question is an absolute “NO!” It’s a nutritional system, and it’s for anybody who wants to fuel their body with super nutrition and compliment it with deep cellular cleansing. Mica is a prime example of what our lifestyle has to offer to someone who routinely exercises and eats well. It provided her the nutrients she so direly needed, in such a dense, high volume, it took her to a level of health she’s been a seeking for quite sometime.

Here’s her story. . .

“We’ve all heard the saying “everyone is different.” It continues to hold true to me. And when it comes to outward appearances, specifically weight, there’s no exception. When other people used to look at me, they wouldn’t have considered me obese. However, that’s exactly what I was! I am 4’11” tall, and at my beginning weight, before I began this lifestyle, I was almost 160lbs. That doesn’t sound like much, but with those stats, I experienced knee, back, and feet problems, as well as shortness of breath when active, and a lack of energy.

My life as a military spouse often resulted in me having to take care of our home alone, while I was still trying to pursue my own goals. It was during such a time, I came to the realization I needed to take some corrective action. My husband was away at the time for some military training, I was working full time and had our children in club activities, while I was pursuing my Masters degree in Nursing. Due to my hectic schedule, my meal times were sporadic and unhealthy. I mean seriously, when did I have time for my health and well being?!?! That’s it, I didn’t! And it showed! Although I had joined a coed softball and volleyball team to stay active, it just wasn’t enough to help me stay healthy and fit. My nutrition was lacking.

After trying my own methods of health and wellness, and dealing with an overseas move, I saw a really great former coworker and friend, post a 90 day update of her weight loss journey on her Facebook page. I absolutely could not hold in my joy and excitement for her! She looked amazing and you could tell by her smile and her post, she felt truly liberated! I had to grab a hold of that energy too!

I reached out to her. And I admit, at first I was skeptical. Not because of the cost, but rather, I was reluctant to spend more money on another “health system.” Especially after I had spent so much money before on other “weight loss” products, which in the end, only led to health problems, instead of fixing what I needed.

I talked it over with my spouse, and with his encouragement, I went for it! And I haven’t looked back since! I have gained so much confidence! Especially when going shopping for clothes and knowing exactly what size I wear. I almost always leave with something I absolutely love!

Although I didn’t have much to lose in weight, the added bonus of dropping pounds, was losing the decreased self esteem I had and gaining a renewed sense of who I am again. I’m at my end goal now and my main focus is on maintaining the willpower that I’ve gained and continuing to tone up. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this program and the amazing support and encouragement from my family and team members. My belief is; it only takes one step and the absence of excuses, to reach our goals in life.”

Post Author: Dana Steele

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