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Since I was 7 years old, I have loved the sport of soccer! My friends and I used to play a game called “kick ball” when we were in elementary school, played on a baseball field, where we kicked a ball around instead of using a baseball. We would rush out to the field at every recess to play it! Then one day a guy showed up at our school and asked if we were interested in playing a sport called “soccer.” We didn’t know what this “soccer” thing was all about, but when he said we’d get to kick a ball around… we were all in!!!

What we dreamed about….

I played soccer from the time I was 7 years old, all the way through high school, and even throughout my U.S. Navy career. After I retired from the Navy in 2001, I continued coaching youth and high school soccer and I even played a couple seasons in an adult soccer league at age 51.

Even though I loved playing soccer, I was never fond of running. Sounds crazy, right?! For me, the running in soccer was more about pursuing or being pursued, and that made the running worthwhile to me. But to just lace up some sneakers and go jog?! That never appealed to me! And I really hated running laps at practices. Any running without a soccer ball involved in it just felt like punishment to me… which it often was …lol

Fast forward to 2018, after I lost 80 lbs with Isagenix in just six months, and suddenly, I was once again “light” enough on my feet to do some fitness. I hadn’t really done any running in 7 years, other then when I was “pretending” to still be a soccer player in that adult soccer league. But I wanted to find some form of fitness to help me reach a total weight loss goal of 100 lbs, and to help me stay fit and maintain my new found health and wellness. Running seemed the simplest, and cheapest form of exercise available to me at the time.

I started with just a one mile run in my neighborhood and I was shocked to find it really wasn’t as arduous and difficult as I had psyched myself into believing it would be. I attribute my ability to complete that run as a result of the 80 lbs I had shed, and all the super nutrition and deep cellular cleansing my Isagenix products had provided my body. Isagenix had made me feel like a whole new person… a “well oiled machine” so to speak!

My one mile runs soon became 2 miles, 3 miles, etc., until I eventually realized… I’m hooked! Running was not only something I was using to keep me active and fit, I was actually looking forward to the time to myself it was affording me each day. I was doing some of my best thinking during my daily runs, and it allowed me time to reflect on my life. And the amazing feeling after a run? It’s truly exhilarating!

My daughter, Julie, who had lost her own 100 lbs using Isagenix, had also began a running regiment. She and I eventually got our Isagenix teammates to join us in our “first-ever” organized 5K race in March of 2019. If we weren’t hooked before, we were definitely hooked after that race! It was so fun being around and running with so many other people who were just as enthusiastic as we were about running. The competitiveness and camaraderie was different than my soccer playing days, but it felt just as great!

Since that race, Julie and I have gone on to run in two 10K races, and Julie placed 1st and 2nd for her age group in them! We love running in these organized races because they also help fund charities. And now we’re even talking about attempting a 1/2 marathon in our running future!

I’ve come to realize, I’ve always loved running. It started back in those youthful days when I first discovered running as a young boy playing kickball. It grew even more when was introduced to soccer, where my running expanded from a mere baseball sized area, to an enormous soccer field. And then it grew even more, when I discovered distance running, where the limits were only set by my own abilities and what my mind would allow legs and lungs to do. All three sports are different, yet they all involve a form of running. Scientifically, I know the desire to run is fed by our love of the Serotonin doses it produces in our brains and it’s stress reducing factors. I don’t know that running is for everyone. But I would definitely recommend it to others to give it a try. You may discover a new found love!

This a great blog by a gentleman who wrote about how he fell “back in love with running!”

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