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As our children grow older, and we watch them grow, we tend to ask ourselves questions, such as; “What will they be like when they grow up? Will they get married one day? Will they have a family? What will they choose as their career?” The list goes on and on.

As a parent, you’re always wondering if you set a good example for them. Did you act as a good role model for them to follow? Did you provide them the necessary skills to succeed, interact, and make it in this ever changing world we live in?

Those of you who know me personally, know my wife and I have a big, big family! Seven kids and 16 grandkids! i’m so proud of all of them and what great people they’ve become. Today, I’m highlighting one of my kids in particular and her family. My daughter “Stephanie,” or as we used to call her “Punky” (she’s going to get me for telling that!).

Reflection time!

Steph and her husband, Vincent, are raising a wonderful family. They’re always doing things together as a family and they’re very active. They spend a lot of time at the beach and they love being outdoors. One of the greatest things Steph did for herself and her family, was incorporating fitness into hers’ and their lives.

A couple of years ago, Steph started working out at the gym. She had grown up playing soccer in high school, but she had never found fitness as something she was really interested in doing. She was never “big” or “heavy,” nor had she ever needed to lose weight as a reason to workout. She just decided one day, she was tired of how she looked, and she wanted to change her fitness. Now she works out almost every single day, with the periodic “rest” day built in for muscle recovery.

Still playing soccer!

Her oldest son, Jayden, grew up playing soccer. He still plays soccer to this day, and he’s really good at it! This year, seemingly out of nowhere, he asked to join a running class at his school. One of his school teachers is a marathon runner, and she formed a running class as an “elective” subject, with an objective to train kids to prepare for a half marathon run. The run she was entering them in is a running event called the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Marathon, which runs throughout the planet, in various major cities. The group started last fall, but Jay didn’t start until January, after one of his friends asked him to join them. Steph was a little skeptical at first, and wary of Jay’s sudden desire to join a running class, and the cost associated with it. But he stayed with it. And in June of this year, Jay completed his first-ever half marathon run at age 12!

Steph and Vincent both frequent the gym, and they’re setting such a great example for their two boys! Besides all the exercise and sports, they’re also making healthier food choices, and they’re ensuring their family receives proper nutrition. They’ve found the right balance of fitness, fun, and family!

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