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This team we’ve formed, never ceases to amaze me! Another good friend, and teammate, has achieved an incredible goal for herself! Helen just hit her ultimate goal this weekend… she lost 100 lbs on our nutritional deep cellular cleansing system! She’s really loving this lifestyle she’s created for herself and she’s been so inspiring and motivating to so many of us! 

I met Helen several years ago through youth soccer and she also worked with my daughter, Julie Steele.  Helen was a regular user of the gym, but no matter how much time she spent in the gym, and trying to eat “cleaner,” she was never able to drop any really serious weight or get herself healthy.  Last year, she had major back surgery as a result of her weight and lifestyle, and she knew she had to make a lifestyle change.  She saw what Julz and I had been doing, and she decided to join us. 

Helen is now the 6th person in our group, we so accurately named “Phoenix Tribe,” to lose 100 lbs!  “Yes”. . . I have to keep repeating it. . . she lost 100 lbs!!!  I’m so proud of her!  If you read her story, you’ll see she had numerous issues arise during her journey, but she never slacked off or quit.  If you’ve been sitting back and watching what all of us are doing, but maybe you’ve been carrying some doubts still about the power and effectiveness of this system of super nutrition and deep cellular cleansing, here’s another great success story to hopefully help erase your doubts.  Give it shot!  You have a real opportunity at better health, weight loss, and a better quality of life. . . all you have to do is take that first step!

Here’s Helen’s story. . .

“Today is a special day for me. Today marks my 1 year “IsaVersary” and I’m down 💯 lbs!!!! I can remember last year feeling hopeless, fatigued, and depressed, after having lower back surgery at the age of 32. I was close to graduating in May, and engaged to be married in October. I was done with the way I looked and felt. I was in desperate need for a lifestyle change. Then I saw Julie Steele and Dana Steele on Facebook, and I noticed how happy, vibrant, and energized they were and how successful they had been in their recent weight losses. So I took “leap of faith” and gave this lifestyle system a try. Since then, I have graduated college, got married, got a new job, and ran in my first-ever 5K race. I now feel happier, stronger, more active in the gym, more energized, and I’m fueling my body daily with this super nutrition!”

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