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We all love to be a part of a good thing. When we see others having a good time, enjoying themselves, or “living the life,” we want to have it too. We also have a tendency to mimic the behavior of others, especially of those we look up to or follow, such as our parents, older siblings, grandparents, leaders, coaches, teachers, etc. We all love to “join the party” and “get in on a good thing.” Never has this more apparent to me than what I’ve witnessed within my own family and friends this past year.

My family consists of mostly athletic and fit people, who have played or are currently playing sports. Most of them have kept themselves fit through regular trips to the gym or their own personal fitness regiments, they eati right, and they lead an active lifestyle.

A few of us, myself included, weren’t doing so well in the fitness and healthiness category. In fact, for the past 18 years, I was doing awful with it! But last year I decided to change my lifestyle for the better, along with my daughter Julie, and the two of us started a highly nutritional program to help us get back to healthier versions of ourselves. As the two of us lost our weight and we began to change to a healthier lifestyle, we both witnessed an amazing phenomenon… other members of our family were following suit!

Everyone in my family was getting “FitBit” devices, getting gym memberships, joining or using products from our wellness company (”Isagenix”), and getting themselves in shape! It was like the effect of when one domino in a chain of standing dominos falls into another, and begins a chain reaction as they all begin to fall! But in this case, nobody was “falling,” rather, we were all “soaring!”

It started with Julie’s son, Julien (“Juju”), He got a FitBit after Christmas, and he began using the children approved products from our wellness company. Today he’s constantly finding ways to “get in more steps” and he has asked his mom to increase the distances of their daily walks together. His clothes are getting looser and the changes in his overall physical appearance are very noticeable. He’s pushing himself harder at soccer and he’s really “bought in” to the concept of eating healthier and staying active. He and his mom are both looking forward to his next doctor check-up to see the improvements in his health.

My 76 year old mom began using our Isagenix products last year, and she lost 20 pounds. This may not sound like a lot of weight to some folks, but she has battled weight gain her entire life and suffers from a thyroid condition. She’s the mother of four boys and losing weight has always been a difficult challenge for her. Prior to embarking on this journey with us, my mom had lost the ability to walk her dogs or take walks in the swimming pool at her local gym. She lacked the energy to do those activities. Today she’s walking her dogs, walking in the pool again, and she’s one of the top competitors in our weekly step challenges in our FitBit challenges. She’s also signed up for her first-ever 5k next month!

And then there’s my wife. Celia is a very private person. She’s never really struggled with being overweight to any great extent. But like any woman who has had children (6 for her), she’s always wanted to lose some of the weight she gained from it and she wanted to have more energy like the rest of us were feeling. And Celia never felt comfortable going to public gyms and instead preferred to just periodically use her treadmill at our home. She started trying some of the shakes and other health support products last year, then joined a maintenance program in our system in October. She’s lost 19 pounds since then and she has way more energy these days. In fact, she’s joined my daughter and in our gym membership and she’s loving life!

And the great thing for the rest of my family members who have been fit, athletic, and healthy for quite some time already, was they got to feel a little vindicated for trying to encourage the rest of us to start a healthier lifestyle for all these past years, and they’ve now gotten us to join them!

It’s times such as these that leave me with a great sense of personal satisfaction and joy. To know mine and Julie’s initiative to change our lives to be healthier and more positive, in turn encouraged other members of our family who needed better health, to also join us in this journey as well, is just an incredible feeling. And to see all these changes being made by everyone to have themselves better fitness, better eating, and an overall better and healthier lifestyle unite us with the rest of our already healthy family?! Priceless!

And the “Domino effect” has gone beyond just my family, and spread to so many of our friends as well! I love this healthier lifestyle we’ve chosen, and how it’s helping so many people!

Post Author: Dana Steele

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