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As a parent, or grandparent, you truly hope you’ve been a good role model for your kids or grandkids. You hope you provide them the tools, education, and understanding for them to “make it” in this sometimes crazy and difficult world of ours.

Juju has always been a very perceptive and watchful child. He tends to pick up on things pretty quickly, and he amazes us frequently with his high level of maturity. My daughter Stephanie nicknamed “Benjamin Buttons” after the famous movie character, because we all think Juju has this “old man” spirit and wisdom inside of him!

So, roll back the hands of time to the fall of 2017, when he had a doctor visit with his mom, Julie. The doctor pointed out to Julz,’ Juju was over his weight for his age, and he needed to start living a healthier lifestyle. At the time, Julz was overweight herself, and this was a huge wake up call for her. Then in March of 2018, Julz and I embarked on a health and wellness system called “Isagenix.” It was the best decision the two of us had made in many, many years! We both lost over 100 lbs. each in 2018! And best of all, we had set-up her son, my grandson, with two ideal examples of health and wellness to emulate!

Julz didn’t force anything on Juju. As we’ve come to learn, real change only comes to those who embrace it and truly commit to it. So she slowly introduced him to some of the products. She initially had him drinking one nutritious shake a day as a meal replacement, and taking the Isagenix daily vitamins for kids. It was helping him, but the changes were very suttle.

In February, Juju began his soccer season, where Julz and I are his soccer coaches. This added exercise began to get him more active, and the weight loss was beginning to show a little more. I gave him a “FitBit‘ in January as well, which allowed him to engage with several of us in various challenges involving our daily steps we all took.

Last week, things really came together for this young boy. He brought home some outstanding grades from school. He created an awesome “Vision” board of his goals for 2019. And he whomped on 6 of us in the “Workweek Hustle” Challenge on our Fitbits, as he destroyed us all with an amazing 115,540 steps for the Monday to through Friday total!

His outstanding FitBit steps score, his Vision board for 2019, his daily walks with his mom (wearing his FitBit), & his worn out shoes!

It’s moments such as these that truly touch my heart. It validates everything I’m doing as his grandfather, and the primary male role model he looks to for guidance in his life. But the true credit for Juju’s big week and his “can do” attitude, belongs primarily to his mom. Julz has been the perfect mother to this boy, and she is very much involved in every aspect his life and his development. She is a fantastic role model and she is doing an outstanding job in preparing Juju to progress into adulthood.

I know this last week is just the beginning of what will be many great weeks for this young boy. And I’m so happy I will be around to enjoy them much longer with him and his mommy…

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