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Many people in my “Tribe” of friends on a journey to healthiness, have very compelling stories to share of their life long struggles with obesity and other health issues, and their eventual transformation into a healthier version of themselves. Of all those stories, I don’t know of one that possesses the personal tragedy to match what Beth has suffered and had to overcome. In July 2015, she lost her mom to illness. And just a mere 7 months later, in February 2016, she lost her husband to a heart attack. The stress of the loss of two of her close loved ones, coupled with her already unhealthy lifestyle, put Beth into a weight spiral to the point she gained more weight than she ever had in her lifetime. This is her story of what finally snapped her out of it, and how she feels today. She’s a real inspiration to so many people and nobody has worked harder than Beth in the gym to push themselves like Beth.

Beth’s Story:

“In April 2018 I took my daughter to Universal Studios for her Spring Break. There was a ride that she wanted to go on called “ The Hulk.” Unfortunately, she never got an opportunity to ride it… I was too big to fit in the seat. I absolutely wanted to cry. Seeing the look on her face simply broke my heart. But my daughter is such a loving person, she didn’t want me to hurt any worse than I already was, so simply looked at me and said, “It’s okay.” We still had a great time at the park, but the thought of letting her down just wouldn’t leave my mind.”

“When we finally returned home, I still hadn’t stopped thinking about how embarrassed I was for being unable to fit into that seat, and how I had let my daughter down. I knew I was way overweight, and I had to doing something for my health. I had been watching my good friend, Julie, and father, Dana, on Facebook as they were going through this amazing transformation! They did a “reveal” on Facebook to mark they’re 90th day on their health and wellness system. It was amazing to see how much weight the two of them had lost and how great they looked! When Julie reached out to me and told what she was using and how they did it, I initially rejected it. I just didn’t believe losing that kind of weight like they lost, could be as simple as she said, and I just didn’t have confidence in myself I could do it. This was in June of 2018.”

“In September 2018, Julie hosted an event at her home, where guests could receive information about her lifestyle system and get an opportunity to taste and sample the products. I brought my daughter along with me. I listened intently to the stories shared by the users of the system, and it was a truly moving and emotional experience. At one point I began to cry as I thought about what they had gone through, the pain, depression, and suffering they had felt, and how I had been feeling and experiencing all those same emotions. It was then that it hit me… I NEEDED TO CHANGE MY LIFE!”

“I eventually got past my self doubt and I mustered up the courage to contact Julie and give her system a chance. Since making that decision to commit to changing my life, I have never looked back. It’s the best decision I have made in a long, long time! The system is called “Isagenix,” and I have been on it for 5 months, I’m down 70 lbs., I have more energy than ever, and I enjoy going to the gym regularly. My daughter has been my biggest Hero! She works out with me and pushes me, when no one else would help me. I’m so glad I joined Isagenix, because without it, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today!”

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