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Have you joined the “Fitbit” movement yet? I recently did. And it’s been really interesting. I’ve heard some people raise the question of whether owning a Fitbit is actually a good thing or not. So I gave it some thought, and here’s some of my experiences with it so far…

I bought my mom a Fitbit for Christmas to help her connect more with our family of “fitness hounds.” Several of them own and use Fitbits, and I figured my mom could join in on all the fun they’re having and sharing. My mom is a very driven person, and I knew this would be a really cool and beneficial gift. It’s already helped keep her focused and moving more, each and every day. And it recently created a hilarious, but revealing experience.

During a “work week challenge” on said Fitbit, she had been running neck and neck for the lead. She ended up narrowly losing, after trading 1st place throughout the week with the eventual winner. She text me, sounding a little discouraged, saying, “That guy Vincent blew me away.”

I had to tell my mom, “that guy,” was my daughter Stephanie’s husband, my son-in-law, a young, 25 year old man, and a Marine in the USMC! My mom apparently didn’t realize who he was…lol. But the funniest part was, when I told Stephanie about her grandma’s misunderstanding, I found out, poor Vincent had thought the “Sally” he was going head to head to the finish line, was my daughter Sally! Imagine his surprise when he was told the “Sally” he was competing so fiercely with was not my 35 year old daughter Sally, but my 76 year old mom! lol. I found it so hilarious the two of them didn’t know who they were actually competing so fiercely against!

There’s a great lesson to be learned here, besides knowing who you’re competing against! lol. Both my mom, Vincent, definitely benefitted from their Fitbits by pushing themselves to achieve a goal. They both put in tremendous effort in their endeavor, and they benefitted from all the fitness they performed.

I have found myself monitoring these challenges throughout my day, and working to achieve and surpass the challenges with my fellow Fitbit wearers, as well as the personal challenges I have set-up on my device. And I’ve even caught myself putting in extra running and walking, sometimes late in the day (into the evening too…lol), to try and catch up or win a challenge!

The other cool part of owning a Fitbit is the connectivity it creates. Look at what it’s done already for my mom. She lives in Texas. I live in NC, along with a few family members. And I have Stephanie and Vincent competing with us from California. We’re spread across the country, but we’re getting to help push each other to be healthier, better versions of ourselves, thanks to this little wrist worn electronic device.

I have to be honest. I used to scoff and laugh at my kids who owned Fitbits. I didn’t see the real value in them. But you see, back then, I was overweight. I didn’t have energy. I wasn’t able to exercise. And I was living a sedentary lifestyle. All of which blinded me to the opportunities Fitbit ownership had to offer me.

Losing weight and getting myself healthier has changed my perspective, and my life. It’s opened my eyes and taken me from being a person who saw no value in living healthy, to a person who craves life each and every day!

If I sound like a Fitbit “convert”…I’ll wear that label with pride!

Post Author: Dana Steele

3 Replies to “FitBit: A curse, or a blessing?!”

  1. I just recently switched from my Fitbit to an Apple Watch. I love activity trackers and have noticed that I’m much more active when I’m wearing one!

  2. Haha it still makes me giggle thinking about their confusion. Especially because it not happened once, but twice to gramz lol They’re killing it though!

  3. I laughed so hard when I found out Grandma didn’t know it wasn’t Vincent. But I think I laughed harder when Vincent thought it was Sally my sister! 😱 And to his shock and horror…grandma was beating him! 🤣🤣🤣 it’s been super fun!

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