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One of the most important parts of our lives we should consider is “what is our WHY.”

If there’s one thing I do a lot of these days, it’s reflecting. I’m constantly evaluating and assessing my thoughts and actions to see how they’re impacting my life, my family’s lives, and the lives of my friends and people with whom I am connected these days. I believe, setting aside some time to yourself daily to perform some self-analysis, is essential to keeping your mind focused and invested in your quest to be a better version of yourself.

Knowing my WHY wasn’t something I used to focus on or really think about. That is, until I started my journey to lose weight and get healthier. During my journey, one of my coach/mentors, Chris Daugherty, offered me a motivational video to watch about “finding your WHY.” Chris and I were discussing ways to keep ourselves motivated and how our journeys to health had opened our eyes to new goals. Chris told me, “Dana, you’ve found your WHY!”

The video he shared is called “Find Your Why.” It features Simon Sinek. Simon came up with this amazing concept and he has not only written books about his thoughts on this concept, he also travels the globe giving training seminars on it to companies, the military, and any groups looking to grasp this amazing ideal!

Basically, your WHY is your purpose. Its what is driving you. I realized after I started learning this concept, I’ve been “finding my WHY” in some form or fashion my whole life. But after listening to Simon’s perspective, I now had a clearer understanding and sense of direction on how to not only “find my WHY,” but allow my WHY to “evolve and change” as my “purposes and goals change.”

When I first began my journey to lose weight and get healthier in March 2018, my WHY was to “just shed weight.” Gradually, as the weight and inches released, my WHY shifted to “trying to get more physically fit. I introduced some light running into my daily routine, after I lost 80 lbs, and I felt confident I wouldn’t harm my knees and I could handle the excursion.

It was at this point, the two of us, my daughter “Julie” and I, began to receive numerous inquiries into what it was we were doing to lose weight so successfully. We spent an entire weekend answering texts, messages, emails, and phone calls from family, friends, co-workers, and even people we hadn’t spoken with in many, many years! It was surreal to us! We both got emotional so many times that weekend. We couldn’t believe we were receiving so much support and so many request from people, asking us for advice on their health and how they could lose weight. Of all people… they were coming to us?!

It was at this juncture I realized I had the ability to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of so many other people. I was driven! And I began forming ideas and methods to reach out to others and not only help them find a pathway to a healthier version of themselves, but help them find their own WHY!

Don’t get me wrong, Julie and I have always been the type of people others seek out for advice. We’re like magnets for it! It’s just something about our personalities that seems to draw people to us. I routinely have perfect strangers, sometimes standing in line at the supermarket, or sitting somewhere like the doctor’s office, just pour out their hearts to me and tell me some of their innermost secrets or private feelings and experiences. But Julie and I have never had people come to us to seek our advice or guidance on health or weight loss… for obvious reasons. The volume and intensity of emotions we experienced, and the connections we made with so many people that weekend, was not only deeply moving for us, it changed us! Our bodies weren’t the only part of us transforming. We had a new purpose in life… we had a new WHY!!!

You see, it’s human nature to seek fulfillment. We all want to feel fulfilled, and helping others is the only way we can truly feel or achieve fulfillment in our lives.

Since that paradigm shift in my WHY, Julie and I have reached out to so, so many people. Our “tribe” of family & friends, seeking a healthier life for ourselves, had grown by leaps and bounds! As of this writing, we have helped over 40 people make a positive change in their lives, by showing them a path to enable them to take their first step in not just setting health and fitness goals for themselves, but achieving them as well!

It’s involved a considerable amount of time and effort on our part in the form of time we’ve spent conducting phone calls, texts, emails, messages, research, training, setting up events, and the many, many conversations with our team members to discuss their progress and general welfare. We also spend a considerable amount of time answering questions and concerns of people in the process of considering making this important change in the lives.

But all the work and effort have provided us the greatest feeling of all… the feeling of FULFILLMENT! The joy we receive almost every day, when hear and see our family and friends working towards and achieving their goals, is indescribable!Hearing their many small victories, building up to bigger ones, is so exciting! It touches our hearts and it provides us the validation we need, to know our purpose, our WHY, is more righteous and more FULFILLING than we ever thought possible!

I love my WHY!

I love my life!

My question to you is simple… What is your WHY?

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