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Shaming comes in many forms…

The consequences of shaming can be very devastating, especially when it’s directed at a child. When a child grows up being shamed for how they look, they can grow up with a lower sense of self worth. And it’s a deep, dark, “psychological hole” for a person to climb out of…

This is a story of one such child. A child who grew up to become a very compassionate and loving woman… who was able to “climb out of that hole” and finally feel good in her own skin. This woman is my sister Rana. She helped me to find my way back to “my former self,” and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Please read her story. Let it sink in. And the next time you talk to your child, or any child, think about the words you choose. The old adage of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” sounds great in a nursery rhyme. But bones can heal. Words? They can stay with us forever…

This is “Rana,” and this is her story:

“Starting this life changing nutritional program was not decision that was made lightly, or on a whim. I thought about it for over 2 years. “Yeah”…two years! One day, I saw a picture of myself, at the heaviest I had ever been. I saw that picture, and I thought to myself “OMG!” I mean, I knew I had gained some weight over the years, but OMG!! And I had just recently learned I was going to be a first time grandparent. It was time to get healthy!” 

“My life, for as far back as can remember, was always heavy. I remember when I was around 9 years old, I could hear the “grownups” talking about my weight. They were saying I was getting “too heavy.” One grownup said that I “needed to be taken to the doctor. That, “maybe there’s was a problem with her thyroid.” Others said I was “ok.” That “she will grow out of it.”  And other adults weren’t as nice about it. They just called me “chunky” or “fatso.” 

“My body type growing up is best described as “short and stalky,” which is okay if you’re a boy. Not so great when you’re a girl. Because of this, my stepdad gave me a nickname. The name was “catchy” I guess, and many people started calling me that name… for many years. It was so hurtful, that even at the age of 46, I am still too hurt and embarrassed to even say it here…”

“As I got older, like most people, I found it getting harder and harder to lose weight. And to make matters worse, as a young teen and young adult, I developed an eating disorder. This disorder eventually put me in therapy… 3 times! I tried many different things over the years to lose the weight. The list includes weight loss systems, diet plans, medically prescribed and over the counter pills, and endless days at the gym. They only provided “temporary fixes.” None of them worked for long.” 

“At 37, I gave up on trying to lose weight. Depression set in. I was constantly fighting myself to not spiral back into my eating disorder. Back to the doctor I went. I was diagnosed with clinical depression. And the medication I was prescribed to control it made me gain even more weight. To counter the weight gain, the doctor prescribed additional medications. Wait, what?!?!! Yeah…More meds!!!”

“I finally got to where I thought I was in a good place. I was losing some weight. My home and family life was good. But even with those good things happening, I still struggled with the “boomerang” weight gains.  And then…BOOM! We had to move! I had to quit my job! And my mom got very, very sick…” 

“One day I saw saws something that a friend had posted to her Facebook. I reached out to her and asked her about the “health system” she was using, and apparently doing well on. I discussed it with my husband, Chris, but we decided it “wasn’t the right time for us.” We had just moved across the country to a new state. We had just bought a new house. And I wasn’t working.” 

“Instead of trying her system, we decided to just watch what we ate. Go “Gluten Free.” Keep talking to my doctor. I could go on forever with the list of my “insteads.” I was a bit disappointed. At the time, we thought we had made the right decision. I was walking, watching what I ate, gluten free, and talking to my doctor, etc. But it wasn’t working.” 

“Fast forward 2 years… I saw that picture of myself! I knew if I stayed on the path I was on, I wasn’t going to be around for as long I wanted to be. I wanted to be around to watch my grandchild(ren) grow. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be happy. It was time for me to take control of my future! I told Chris, “I cannot spiral down again. I’m calling Gina! You see, “Gina” is a good friend of mine. I knew she was right about her system being able to help me, the first time I talked to her. I just wasn’t ready at the time. I hadn’t convinced myself it was necessary or that I could do it. Chris gave me the “green light” to call her, and I did… That day! Gina got me started… I was still skeptical… But I knew I had to try! And I’m so happy I did!!!” 

“Since starting this nutritional system last year, I’ve lost 100+ inches, and 50+ pounds! I now weigh less than I did when I started High School! I can wear sizes I do not remember ever wearing. I have more energy and I sleep better most of the time. And even though I like seeing when the scale numbers go down, it’s the “non-scale victories” (NSVs) that are the most important.” 

“I still love and use these products daily and I’m amazed at how great I feel using them! In the last year and 5 months, my husband Chris, my brothers, sisters, stepmom, nieces, and nephews, have also joined me and they love these products too! All of them have had great successes and we are all becoming healthier versions of ourselves. We have become an Isa-family!♥️♥️♥️”

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