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You never know when an experience may be your last time enjoying it…

So, I went to my grandson, Julien’s, Christmas show at his elementary school yesterday. It was your standard, chaotic, babies crying, “packed into the school cafeteria” experience so many of us enjoy each year at Christmas.

Only this time it felt different. The singing, clapping, funny kid moments were all the same. It was my feelings about being there that we’re so much more different.

You see, it dawned on me… this was most likely my last opportunity to attend a Christmas show for a child or grandchild of mine. Julien leaves for middle school next year and they don’t normally have these events. All of my other grandkids, headed to elementary school some day, live much too far for my wife or I to ever hope to see them sing in one.

So I sat in that cafeteria and I soaked in every moment, stifling back the sob in my chest, as I really listened to each and every word the children sang. I joined them singing, as I sang along with my daughter Julz.’ And I loved every moment of it!

We tend to take family moments for granted sometimes. Thinking we will get to have that time again… down the road or in the near future. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always go the way we want or planned it.

So don’t let these special times escape you. Attend every school program you can. Make time for your wife or husband, your kids, and your family. Find time to be together and enjoy all the special moments possible with your family.

You never know when it may be… your last time enjoying it…

Post Author: Dana Steele

3 Replies to “Enjoy The Moments…”

  1. So true!! Sometimes I wonder where has time been. My kids are now talking about driving each other to school and it seemed like it was just yesterday that I was still carrying them to go places.

    1. Sometimes I sit back and wonder where the time went… why it went so fast… and why didn’t I spend more time doing things I loved to do, with the people I love… ❤️❤️❤️

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