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All of us have dreams we think about all the time. Dreams of a career, meeting the perfect person to enjoy our life with, a beautiful family, a spectacular house or car, traveling the world, etc. But a dream will remain just a dream, unless you act upon it.

What does “act” constitute you may ask? It’s short for ACTION!” You have to convert your dream into a plan, with detailed short-term goals, leading up to your eventual ultimate goal…your dream!

I used the “Miss Universe” winner from last night as my example. One, because her achievement is so spectacular, and two, my wife is a Filipina, and this choice for an example is going earn me some major brownie points! 😀. Catriona Gray didn’t “get lucky” and win the 2018 Miss Universe pageant by a lottery draw. She earned it through years and years of work and effort. She set goals for herself in personal growth and learning. And she worked hard at keeping herself healthy and fit looking in order to be competitive in this very competitive career. She also made a lot of sacrifices too, something many people who want a dream to come true, are simply unwilling to do. You have to be willing to put in the work if you want to succeed in life.

I’ve had a good life. It hasn’t always been easy. The road has been littered with bumps, hills, curves, and sometimes traffic jams. But I can definitely relate all my achievements to having a dream first, followed by a plan, and put into development with ”ACTION!”

Post Author: Dana Steele

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