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On Thursday, November 15th, 2018, my daughter, Julie, and I were invited to a local vendor fair in our golf community. The fair was held at the residence of a community member, and there were several community members there showcasing products from their home-based businesses ranging from jewelry to cosmetics.

We set-up two tables of Isagenix products for weight loss and performance goal systems. We also had some samples of the  new Vanila Cranberry IsaLean bar for guests to sample (they are delicious!). And we even had a table to showcase our transformation photos and my awards for acceptance into the Isagenix “100 Pound Weight Loss” club.

We were quite clearly one of the big highlights of the event! We had guests and other vendors absolutely stunned with the details of our amazing journeys to return to healthier versions of ourselves. They were all impressed with the simplicity of Isagenix and the obvious positive affects the products had on not just our weight loss goals, but the increased energy and positivity they were seeing us displaying. Several of them told us they were very impressed with how passionate and sincere were appeared and sounded, when we shared our experience with Isagenix.

I’m confident some of them will be contacting me soon to get their own journey started!

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