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So, one of our team members was using our system and products to lose weight and get herself in the best shape for her special day…her Wedding! About two months ago, her seamstress advised her to “stop losing weight,” because her wedding dress was falling off her from all the inches she was losing. She was quite distraught, and wasn’t sure what she should do. She needed her dress to fit her, but she didn’t want to stop using her products because she knew they were good for her and she was benefiting immensely from all the increased energy she was feeling, and how youthful she was beginning to look.

My daughter, Julie, who is also my business partner, told our team member, “Don’t make the problem about you, make it about the dress!” Our team member had her seamstress make the necessary alterations and our member continued on her system, and continued to prepare herself for her special day.

Today, 30 lbs lighter and beautifully slimmer and youthful looking, our team member is walking the aisle and looking absolutely stunning! We’re so proud of her and happy she chose her health as her priority. She looks and feels amazing and this will truly be a day she will always cherish and remember!

Post Author: Dana Steele

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